The Foundation

The building currently known as The Fay Club is an enduring example of two centuries of aesthetic philosophical evolution and generational investment by George Fay, the owner, and Robert Mitchell Upjohn, the designer. A building of this quality demands consideration of its historic merits in any decisions regarding its fate.

In the mid-1980s the building underwent significant renovations and restorations to preserve the original architectural details and materials.
The project maintained the integrity of the public spaces but compromised some of the original design, particularly on the second floor, and alternately damaged some of the third-floor spaces and finishes.

To help mitigate this in the future, some members of the club formed a foundation in 2018, which shall operate exclusively for charitable, educational, and cultural purposes as a 501(C)(3). A priority of the Foundation is to establish funds to help restore and preserve as much of the original architecture, maintaining its roots in the stately grandeur and romanticism of the picturesque movement.

Left Image – Many of the windows have operable casement style sashes with beautiful stained glass that adorn a few of  the private spaces. Most are in good condition, and the foundation remains steadfast in keeping its structural integrity as much as possible.

The Members of the Foundation Board volunteer their time and dedicate their talents to helping achieve their mission. The board members are: Sophia Bogdasarian, President; William Hannigan, Treasurer; William Mcsheehy, Secretary; Ashok Hingorany; Nadine Martel; Connie Friederichs; Daniel Friederichs; Rod Lewin, and Nadine Price.